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Introducing Infinitracker

In today’s economy, when you run a business, you run it everywhere. Don’t you wish you had an easy way to keep track of all of your assets? Introducing Infinitracker. Infinitracker is the world’s longest-lasting, set-it-and-forget-it asset tracker. It uses an international SIM card to connect to GPS to give you global visibility on everything that makes your business run — wherever your business is running.

Infinitracker comes loaded with key sensors. We're talking an accelerometer, to track speeds and a thermometer to track temperature, which means you’ll not only know where your stuff is but also whether it’s going to arrive in one piece.

Infinitracker also an IoT gateway. It connects to all sorts of Bluetooth devices to deliver even more information to you and your team.

The most important thing about Infinitracker? The battery lasts 15 years!